Friday, April 2, 2010

My Google Questionnaire

When I began my Google questionnaire, I wasn't sure what I wanted to base it on, but I did know I wanted it to be an enjoyable topic. I chose to do mine on music. Twenty-two people answered my survey which included a total of seven questions. I asked the participants what his or her favorite genre of music is, if he or she had xm or satellite radio, and I also mentioned some upcoming bands/artists and asked whether or not the participant had at least heard of them. I was excited to see that most people had at least heard of a few of my favorite new artists. My survey showed the following results:

1.) The majority listened to music 1-2 hours per day. (43%)
2.) Most people seemed to like the alternative genre the best. (38%)
3.) Most people do not have xm radio in their vehicle. (81%)
4.) Most people said that they almost never download music. (43%)
5.) Most people also said that they almost never download music illegally. (52%)
6.) The majority of the people I surveyed had at least heard of Ke$ha. (71%)

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