Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Assignment Week 14

For this assignment, we were supposed to select a topic related to EDM310 and write a blogpost that sets forth our thoughts and feelings related to the topic. I would like to discuss time management. Many people have stated that EDM310 is a very time consuming class, and many have made up excuses as to why he or she cannot complete their work on time. Though I do agree that EDM310 can be very time consuming, I also feel that it is manageable. I live an hour away from Mobile and commute to school everyday. I work 20 hours a week, and I'm enrolled in 15 hours worth of classes. I also do not have DSL where I live because it is not yet available in my area, believe it or not. One of my classes is an honors course, which means I basically have to teach myself some concepts that wouldn't be expected in a regular course. Yes, sometimes I feel like I am overloaded. However, I have not yet submitted any assignments or projects even so much as one day late. This class has taught me major time management skills. I've also enjoyed commenting on the blogs of students and teachers around the world. Though it is a lot of work, it's work that I enjoy and benefit from.

Comments 4 Kids

I really enjoyed watching the video, Vivienne! Great job! Very creative and colorful. Keep up the wonderful work and good luck with all of your future activities. I will stayed tuned!

The above comment was one I left for a little girl named Vivienne. She had made a colorful video with a ship sailing off. I hope she keeps up the great work. It's awesome to see children so creative with technology!

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  1. Thank you for setting such an excellent example. And thank you for sharing your comments with us. Public conversations can be extremely beneficial. Your participation is greatly appreciated!