Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Assignment Week 15

Welcome to my PLE!

WOW!! This seventh grader is very in tune with technology! When I was in seventh grade, I certainly did not even have a blog, much less a PLE. I thought doing online research for a paper constituted being technologically literate! Anyway, the young girl's PLE seemed great. She really seems to know what she's doing. My PLE definitely does not compare to her's just yet. I'm still adding people on my twitter account and checking tweets regularly. By the end of summer, I expect to have a decent PLE that includes people from all over the world. I'm very interested in education elsewhere, and hope to learn more by making new connections.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

When I read the title of the video, I began wondering what exactly the questions would be. I pondered this a moment before moving on to watch the video. The first was "What will your sentence be?" I interpreted this to basically mean what will your life be about? What meaning or difference will you bring to the world around you? At 19, I definitely do not have an anwer to this yet. I know what direction my life is going in; however, I'm not sure what my "sentence" will be just yet. The second question was "Was I better today than yesterday?" I really liked this question because I personally feel that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, and I always try to do better than I've done in the past. Therefore, I hope my answer to this question is always yes.


  1. How about a temporary sentence? Or a sentence as a "work in progress"?

    Compare what you have written (in your post above) with the 7th graders post. You need to improve yours!

  2. My sentence is definitely a work in progress, but hopefully it will sound something like this: "She developed research in the field of gifted education and helped to acquire more federal funding for the field."
    I sincerely hope it's something to that effect.