Friday, February 26, 2010

Comments 4 Teachers Assignment 1

Hi! My name is Jessica Eaton and I'm a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama in the United States. I'm majoring in elementary education. You mentioned working full time for Mathletics? What exactly does that entail? I'm very interested to learn more about it. You also mentioned teachers' use of technology...that's the core purpose of the class I am enrolled in right now; we're learning how to use certain technology and how it will be beneficial in our future classrooms. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will be summarizing my visits to your blog in a post to my own blog on or before March 21, 2010. Here are the links to my own blog and our class blog:

Hi! My name is Jessica Eaton, and I'm a student majoring in elementary education. I attend the University of South Alabama. I really like the creativity of your ideas you shared. I'm sure it allowed the students to have fun, and provided an outlet for them as well. I also like how you gave ideas for the use of technology such as digital photographs and podcasts. In my EDM310 class, we're learning the importance of technology in the classroom. Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

Mr. McMahon,

Congratulations! I'm sure you're quite stressed with worrying about income and whatnot, but I'm very happy for you that your mathletics program has been successful. I look forward to hearing more about your new position.

Jessica Eaton
University of South Alabama
Mobile, Alabama

These were the three comments I left for the teacher I was assigned, Mr. McMahon. He is an Expact Educator in Asia. Unfortunately, he did not check his blog regularly, so I never got a reply to my comments. However, some of the things he talked about in his posts were very fascinating. For example, he has created an organized math program called "Mathletics." As you can tell from my first comment, I was eager to learn more about this program. In the second post, he provided students with some craft ideas for Christmas time! I thought this was great because it provided the students with an outlet and allowed them to just have some fun for the holiday. In the last post, I had just found out that Mr. McMahon had received a promotion! I am very excited for him and hope to have a reply to comments very soon.

Mr. McMahon's Blog

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