Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Assignment Week 6

Dr. Alice Christie's Website

The part of the website that I found to be most beneficial to teachers was the part concerning educational technology. In EDM310, we are learning how to use new technology and how it can benefit us later as teachers. In today's fast-paced world, it is almost mandatory that teachers and students become familiar with technology. I am also learning, however, that it can be very fun! In this particular section of the website, Dr. Alice Christie has different links for teachers to explore. Each of them concern an area of technology. She even has one link explaining the importance of internet safety.

Some other links Dr. Christie included were ones concerning podcasting, multimedia, and internet tools/resources. Because I don't exactly consider myself "computer literate" yet, though I am working on it, I find all of the links useful. In a few years, when I am done with EDM310 and find that I want to implement some of the technology I learned in the class, I might not be able to remember everything I learned. This website might help to jar my memory and allow me to use some of the tools I actually learned in class.

iTunes University

When Dr. Strange mentioned using iTunes to help everyone keep up with the course material, I was instantly very interested. I live an hour away and commute everyday to school. While taking 15 hours worth of classes here at the University, I also work 20 hours a week at USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. I am a very busy person. I own an ipod touch and downloaded the podcast for the class as soon as I was able to. Now, while making my long trek to and from school, I am able to keep my assignments straight and never miss a beat.

Since I am going to be an elementary school teacher, I'm not sure how much use I will get out of iTunes University later in life. However, for those who might be going into secondary education, I can see where the application would be very useful. I'm sure more students are doing well in class because of the weekly reminder, and that's always a relief for a teacher. It is also beneficial to people who might not be able to afford a college education. According to CNN, though they will not receive the tangiable degree that one attending the University would, many people are downloading the free podcasts just to gain new knowledge. This is extremely refreshing news!

CNN's Take On iTunes University

Using iPods for Instruction

Most college students own some type of iPod. I have an iTouch, and I absolutely love it!! I never thought teachers might use this type of technology as a form of teaching, however. I've already written about how useful iTunes University can be. At Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, it is expected of students to use their iPods as an aid in several of their classes. One teacher even used a photo iPod to enhance his Functional Anatomy of the Human Brain class this past fall. His iPod housed over 500 images and showed the students how to correctly pronounce each structure of the brain. I imagine that most of his students were engaged in learning because of his use of technology.

I've not yet had a teacher at South Alabama to use such technology in the classroom. Most lectures simply consist of professors reading off powerpoint slides and little class participation is encouraged. We are becoming teachers ourselves and must continue to be eager to learn. I believe this type of technology might help to keep certain students' attention for longer periods of time in class. Because of this, technology might even improve students' grades as well!

Duke University's Use of iPods as Instruction


  1. I really enjoyed Dr. Christie's site as well. I liked the fact that she emphasized the peril, pitfalls and possibilities of the various forms of technology. I also liked the importance she placed on safety. I viewed the powerpoint presentaiton on internet safety that she had a link to it was both interesting and a little scary. You mentioned that you have an iTouch. What do you use it the most for and what apps do you find the most useful? I really like your page! WHO DAT! Keep up the great work! Spring Break is almost here!!!!

  2. It's crazy the amount of things you can do with an iTouch! I usually just listen to music, and occasionally I'll watch a video. It's also cool that it has wifi, so you can get online nearly anywhere to check facebook, email, news, ect. Very useful!! :)

  3. "it can be very fun!" People learn more when it is fun! Have you listened to any of the podcasts by and for kids? There are LOTS of them. So you cannot dodge the use of podcasts by saying you will teach elementary students. Many have done far more podcasts than you! Since you like the iPod Touch you will probably go gaga over the iPad. I'll have one as soon as possible to demonstrate to the class. Also see Paula Casallo's blog post this week for a fascinating video by a high school student in Georgia describing his iSchool Initiative.