Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Assignment Week 12 (No Week 11)

Mr. Chamberlain's Blog

I really enjoyed listening to the voice thread on Mr. Chamberlain's blog. It was a creative way for the class to stay connected with little Kaia since she is unable to read yet. I'm also sure Kaia is learning a great deal pertaining to technology by listening. This proves that one is never to young to be come familiar with the most useful technology of today. I also thought that recording a voice thread instead of simply leaving a comment in text made the comment more personal and the connection to Kaia stronger. This is much like calling and talking to someone over the phone rather than just sending an SMS text message. It's great to see a class of 8th graders in Missouri become connected with a 3-year-old in Qatar. It's amazing what technology can do today!

Kaia and Skyelar's Blog

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the girls' blog and looking at the pictures they had taken. In one post, under a picture where Kaia was examining a shell, she mentioned that some things that initially look discarded and ugly at first sight can be very pretty if you look at them just right. It's nice to see that Kaia and Skyelar are not only learning about technology at such an early age, but they're also learning the importance of taking a deeper look at something. In the most recent post, Kaia posted a picture she had drawn of her baby sister. Yet another trait is exhibited through the blog: creativity.

Singing Hearts

At the end of the post, a question was asked, "Is the risk of exposing ourselves and our children online worth the connections that will be made and the lessons that will be learned?" In my opinion, the answer is definitely! Of course there are some risks involved, but there are risks involved with nearly everything one does online. Yes, this even includes Myspace and Facebook. But most people are willing to take the risk on both social networks in order to stay connected with friends. Therefore, I don't see the problem in exposing oneself or children for the sake of learning new information. I find Kaia's blog inspiring. This is evidence of one putting the internet to great use.

Comments 4 Kids
Kia ora!

My name is Jessica Eaton and I attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I am going to school to become a teacher. I really enjoyed listening to you speak Maori. Keep up the great work and keep posting to your blog! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica Eaton
http://eatonjessicaedm310.blogspot.com jessica.eaton3@gmail.com

The post above is the comment I left for the kid I was assigned. His name was Paul and for his post he had a video in which he spoke Maori. I found this to be very interesting and fun to listen to. I hope Paul continues to post to his blog. Maori is a beautiful language!

Ps. "Kia ora" means Hi!

Paul's Blog

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  1. Great blog, loved the comments about exposure and totally agree. Kaia and her father Jabiz have a good head on their shoulders.

    The picture of the baby on the computer is very funny and scary at the same time. At first glance, I love it... I would love to see children not exposed to technology that is so fast paced at such a young age because I think this brings on a symptom that is similar to ADHD. While there may be advantages to learning, and we as teachers need to find a way to engross the classroom......in this case the exposure is wrong to me.